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Can't do this anymore.

Rauva, Sep 14, 11 1:45 PM.
I'm sorry, but I can't keep leading a guild with almost no active members. I'm leaving the Silver Dawn and the Shadefallen server. If you're looking for me you can find me on Faeblight. I'm sorry for letting all of you down. Take care, I miss you all. -Rauva

Ohio coming up

Rauva, Aug 28, 11 12:02 AM.
I leave for Ohio this coming Labor Day weekend. May be a month before the high-speed is hooked up at the new place. KEEP IT TOGETHER WHILE I'M GONE!!!

Under temporary new management.

Rauva, Aug 7, 11 11:07 AM.
During his absence Immortis/Callias has asked me and Kadoni to take over operations while he's on deployment. Lets all work to make this a great coming home present for our Fearless Leader!

Help the Dawn Grow!

Immortis, Jul 4, 11 1:00 AM.
Go check out the official Rift forums and say nice things about the guild so we can bring in more outstanding members.

Go here to read the post and to respond!

Silver Dawn is Recruiting!

Immortis, Jun 8, 11 2:20 PM.
Immortis was barely able to focus his eyes as he stepped through the portal into the past.  And, as his eyes finally focused in his new life, one thing was abundantly clear to him: that Regulos was going to be defeated and soon.

But, with each of these Ascended fighting, focused on the rifts and invading planars, who was focused on the future?  Who was focused on rebuilding all that had been lost?  Who would be the leaders of tomorrow?  Immortis saw this and, with no ambition to lead himself, he established the Silver Dawn to recruit and train those that were able to carry the heavy burden of leading the future.

So, the question is, are you capable of leading the world into a brighter future for the Defiants?  If so, apply here!
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